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Attention Deficit Disorder is describing people who are hard to focus, easy to be distracted, and procrastinate. It is a brain development disorder and a subtype of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Attention Deficit Disorder might appear before they born. Every year the statistic for ADD kids is keep on growing faster. The scientist could not find out what is the main causes the kids get ADD. Boys are having the higher risk to get ADD then girls. Previously, many parents did not aware their kids had ADD because the symptoms of ADD is not very annoying like ADHD. Now, mostly more than 70% of cases kids who have ADD can be aware by their parent before 4 years old. Kids who have ADD will affect their study and social life because they could not concentrate.


ADD medication – ADD Natural Medication Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a best treatment for ADD patients because it has no side effect. Chinese Medicine is not using for treating only one symptoms, Chinese Medicine can treat wide range of symptoms at a time and balance the body system. This happen because in a pack of herbs had included different types of herbs, Chinese Physician call this as an Herbal Formula. Some people are healthy but they will also meet Chinese Master and take Chinese herbs, to balance their Qi in the body. The main term using Chinese Medicine for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is the disharmony of Yin and Yang with dysfunctional Heart, Liver, Spleen or Kidney. The Chinese Herbal Formula is from Chinese Master long ling family and had been improved by Chinese Master. You do not need to decoct the Chinese Herbal yourself because Chinese Master had made it become powder. He called it Herbal Brain Powder. You can add it into the liquid and drink it.

Due to the previous cases, combined Chinese Herbal with The Tole Neuro Acupuncture will have a better and efficiency result. They will have at least 30 minutes of Neuro Acupuncture in the clinic, after Chinese Master finish insert the needles into the scalp, they can run around and play with each others. This Neuro Acupuncture Treatment is safe and no harm because the fine needles cannot go through the bones but only puncture the specific point. It had been proven by a lot of scientist Neuro Acupuncture is really works to treat ADD.

In The Tole research, Neuro Acupuncture can help to activate the brain cells and regenerate the new brain cell to take over the damage brain cells. After the brain cells activate and regenerate, they can link to each other and send the message. Patient can control their behavior better.

ADD Diet Treatment is very useful when combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine. Chinese Master believes food is another type of powerful medicine for ADD patient. A good diet plan can help to a healthy person to stay healthy and help the patient to get better. The Tole Research shows, ADD people avoid artificial food and include more Omega-3 fatty acid and high protein can help to reduce the ADD symptoms. Omega-3 fatty acid and high protein food is good for the brain. Chinese master also provide game treatment to the ADD kids, ADD game treatment can help to build their communication skills and management skills.

Branda is one of the kids who had been diagnosed with ADD when she was 5 years old. Her parents bring her to a doctor, doctor gave them some ADD medicine. Branda eat the medicine everyday but doesn’t show any big different and the medicine bring some bad side effect to her. Branda parent want to stop the Branda to take the medicine and searching a new treatment for her. Finally, they met Chinese Master. Chinese Master gave Branda Neuro Brain Powder and Neuro Acupuncture Treatment. After a few session, Branda’s father said “She had improved a lot. She is now very tempered now.”. They feel very worth to bring her to meet Chinese Master everyday to do a intensive treatment. A miracle happens, the patients parent said.


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